Monday, November 22, 2010

Handbag Trivia– DID YOU KNOW…..?


… 22% percent of women would splurge on a handbag if they chose only one designer item?

… an average woman owns at least 6 handbags?

… 3 pounds is the average weight of a woman’s bag?

… 1 in 10 Number of women willing to spend $150.00 or more on a handbag?

… $42.00 is the average amount a woman spent on her last handbag?

… The most famous handbag from Hermes was originally designed in 1892 to hold a saddle! This bag was called the Haut a Courroies, a name derived from its long straps and tall shape.

… According to a recent study done in England, the average 30 year old woman owns 21 handbags and buys a new one every 3 months!

… The famous Fendi Baguette made its debut in March 1997 and was described by a famous fashion writer as “beanie babies for grown-ups”.

… According to recent studies, the average weight of a woman’s handbag has risen to over 5 lbs!

… The very first lithograph ever applied to a handbag was done in Offenbach, Germany in the 1800’s.

… The Bolide Bag by Hermes in 1923 was the first bag to feature a zipper.

… The oldest forms of handbags were pouches, used for everything from carrying bones (used by sorcerers) to money.

… A recent survey was conducted among wealthy shoppers and it was found that men are more likely to choose a handbag based on its brand name than women.

… Right after World War II, Gucci was forced into using cane handles on his handbags because of the shortage of leather?

… Testing in a lab in Wisconsin showed that 1 in 4 handbags tested had levels of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella.

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