Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Celebrate the Woman In your Life with these amazing DEALS ♥

Mothers Day is almost here! And we have 6 Amazing Deals you are gana LOVE.

Celebrate the woman in your life this Mothers Day the Ash L'amour Way!
Gift her a beautiful Ash L'amour Clutch along with a personalized card with your message and discount vouchers by "Emaans Cakes" & "Kirran Signature Makeup"

Check out the deals below!

The Last Date for placing your Mothers Day order is 1st May! So dont miss out! =)

You can also view the deals on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ashlamour

Love Ash L'amour

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Right Ash L'amour clutch for my Mother

Hi! Okay so we have been receiving alot of emails regarding which Ash L'amour clutch should we go for, for the Mothers Day Package. So we decided to go for this post.

Since Eid is near and June & July the wedding season is right around the corner you can always go for the Opulence & Obsession collection. This would be something your Mom would love to have for the evening

Here are some of the Ash L'amour Clutches your Mom would love

To check more of the opulence and obsession collection visit our FB page www.facebook.com/ashlamour

Besides that you can go for the Privilege and Heritage Collection, its unique, elegant and spacious!

To check more of the opulence and obsession collection visit our FB page www.facebook.com/ashlamour

So we hope this would help! There are only 9 more days left and our stocks are limited! So dont miss out! For more info you can always drop us an email at ashlamour@gmail.com

Love Ash L'amour

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating the woman in your life

Hi everybody! This week we have an amazing Mothers day Package! This is how we say it
"Celebrate the woman in your life this Mothers Day the Ash L’amour way! Gift her a beautiful Ash L'amour Clutch along with a customized card with your message and discount vouchers by "Emaans Cakes" & "Kirran Signature Makeup"
So lets have a look at what the package is all about!
A Beautiful Wrapped gift box with a clutch of your choice

Discount Vouchers by"Emaans Cake" &
"Kirran Signature Makeup"

Kirran Signature Stylist makeup is offering a 50% discount on Hair Cut & 50% discount on Party Makeup! check out their website www.kirransignature.com

Emaans Cake is offering a 10% discount on her cakes and believe me you are gana love it. Check out their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/EMAANSCAKES

A Personalized Card

You dont just get a beautiful clutch and discount vouchers! We know nobody could wish your Mum a better Mothers Day than you can! And so we have a personalized card in the package where you can get your special mothers day greeting printed with your name! =)

This is the whole Mothers Day Package

And there you have it! A perfect clutch wrapped in a gift box with your personalized card and discount vouchers!

Now that is something all the Mums would love for mothers day!

Have you placed your order yet?! Dont miss out coz the last date is 1st May! To view our latest collection check out our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/ashlamour

Love Ash L'amour! =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Obsession

Hi everybody! Today's post is about Obsession!

Obsession is what we call our new collection and Why do we call it Obsession?! Coz we know how much you love having an elegant clutch that is only and only yours!

What makes Ash L'amour different from other brands is how we understand what a woman wants! And what more can a woman ask for than a clutch that is so exclusives that she is the only one who owns it!

Obsession are beautiful pleated clutches with different kinds of brooch on each one of em. Its a 12' long clutch which makes em a perfect evening clutch!

Which one do you love the most? Let us know!

We have got more coming up soon this month! Catch us on facebook for more updates! =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Privilege

You often hear from one of our team members through this blog. So I thought it would be nice for a change if I wrote one myself.

You must have seen our collection “The Privilege” on Facebook. No?! Well allow me to introduce *drum rolls*

La Garde




Why did I come up with it in the first place? Well I love attending workshops, seminars but I never found totes or hobos very comfortable or something that would fit and complete the look! Our Privilege collection adds that touch of sophistication and class perfect for an elegant woman!

Oversized clutches are so much more versatile than a smaller purse. You are gana fall in love with it for just how spacious and elegant it is at the same time! No longer just room enough for car keys and a lipstick, with this super-sized clutch you can now carry everything you need for the daytime too.

So get yourself one of Ash L’amour Privilege clutch for this would definitely get you noticed!

Have a great day! catch us on facebook Ash L'amour

Love Ash! =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ash L'amour at IBA

Hi everybody! I know the title gets you thinking if we had a stall at IBA or something like that! But we couldn't say it better than that! :)

What has been new this week was that our designer/ Director- Operations and Business Development Ayesha Akram was invited over at the IBA Main Campus as a motivational speaker. The Bright Idea workshop was organized by Shell.

Since Shell's CSR dept is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship within Pakistan, they have designed the Bright Idea workshop which aims at stimulating young minds of the participants to get a better understanding of entrepreneurship and their skills and potentials. Further it helps them to think about developing creative ideas that could be turned into valuable businesses.

At the workshop Ayesha shared her inspiring story of the journey from an intern to an entrepreneur. When we asked her how the experience was, here is what she had to say, "Since we at Ash L'amour are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship within Pakistan, its always a wonderful experience to share your story with people who aspire to start off with their own businesses. And its never just a story telling session! Its amazing the kind of questions people have, how they understand the importance of networking! And its brings back alot of memories to me! The times when I used to attend guest speaker sessions in my university and how it inspired me! The idea of start off with something small and making it big! Growing with it! And its really nice to see institutes like IBA have societies and clubs dedicated to Entrepreneurship"

Wow! That is definitely the kinda change we need! In case some of you are wondering about our up coming collection, its very very exclusive! If you are the kind of person you loves rich traditional stuff we have some really elegant beaded clutches that you would fall in love with! :)

Well this is all for the now! Follow us for more updates about your fav brand! =)

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