Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Privilege

You often hear from one of our team members through this blog. So I thought it would be nice for a change if I wrote one myself.

You must have seen our collection “The Privilege” on Facebook. No?! Well allow me to introduce *drum rolls*

La Garde




Why did I come up with it in the first place? Well I love attending workshops, seminars but I never found totes or hobos very comfortable or something that would fit and complete the look! Our Privilege collection adds that touch of sophistication and class perfect for an elegant woman!

Oversized clutches are so much more versatile than a smaller purse. You are gana fall in love with it for just how spacious and elegant it is at the same time! No longer just room enough for car keys and a lipstick, with this super-sized clutch you can now carry everything you need for the daytime too.

So get yourself one of Ash L’amour Privilege clutch for this would definitely get you noticed!

Have a great day! catch us on facebook Ash L'amour

Love Ash! =)

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