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What Your Handbag Says About You

Women often carry around their whole life in their handbag, but what style of bag we choose says a lot about our personality type.

In her book How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag, author Kathy Eisman says, “…it’s clear our handbags and their contents say much more about our personality than we might think. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, I’d suggest taking a closer look at your friends, family and colleagues handbags – one quick squiz might help you unlock and understand the secrets of their personality."

The styles and colors we choose give away a lot about our purse-onality type. From clutches to totes and cigar boxes to backpacks – give some extra thought to what you carry by finding out what each style typically represents and what your handbag says about you.

The Shoulder Bag

Women who wear shoulder bags are practical but also want to look good. According to Stephanie Pedersen in her book Handbags – What Every Woman Should Know (David & Charles 2006), “women who prefer shoulder bags refuse to be a fashion victim.”

The Tote Bag

Fun loving, generous and sociable are the main traits of someone who carries a tote. The wearer is youthful in outlook, with things to do and places to go, says Pedersen. This is someone with a busy life, refined, unobtrusive but definitely not passive.

The Clutch Bag

Women who carry a clutch bag are confident enough not to worry about carrying their whole life in their bag. Says Pendersen, they are not afraid to let a man carry their keys or lighter or whatever else won’t fit in their bag.

Under the Shoulder Bag

A small handbag tucked neatly under-the-shoulder implies sophistication and class, according to Cathy Feldman, contributing editor to According to Feldman, “women of high stature or who work in upscale offices would choose this style of bag.”

The Cigar Box

Currently a big seasonal favorite, cigar box purses are often carried by women who like to stand out in a crowd. Independent and self-confident, women who carry these bags are, says Feldman, “comfortable in their own skin.”

The Backpack

Casual and practical, the backpack represents wearers who are warm and young at heart. Today’s designer styles means that backpacks are no longer relegated to the countryside but are just as at home in the office, worn with business trousers or a skirt.

Bags With Buckles and Zips

Women who choose leather purses with lots of buckles and zippers are leashing out their wild sides. According to Feldman, these women tend to act before they think and are always ready for a good time. The extra buckles and zippers tend to signify a “bad girl" image.

The Crochet Bag

A homely, nurturing woman typically carries a crochet bag. Loved by both people and animals this woman is easy-going with an arty streak.

The Designer Purse

A woman carrying the latest designer 'It' bag lives an exclusive, high-maintenance lifestyle and their designer handbag is a reflection of expensive tastes and appreciation for very, very fine things. Feldman warns “guys – watch out for these girls, they tend to be a handful.”

Oversized Bags

According to in their feature “What Your Handbag Says About You”, the oversized handbag is the equivalent of a one-size-fits-all T-shirt. The wearer is a practical person who rarely swaps bags and does not see the sense in spending a month's salary on one accessory.

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