Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What does your Handbag Style say about you?

Your Handbag Style and You

Not only do the contents of our purses reveal our purse-onalities but the handbag styles we choose tell a lot about us too. From a classic style or a designer “it” bag to a clutch purse or an oversized tote, in her book, Kathryn Eisman says that your chosen style says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Colors and Your Personality

Not only can the style of handbag give away your personality type but your color choice is also an indication. According to Eisman, women who go for bright colors tend to be fun loving, friendly and approachable. These are women who will happily strike up a conversation with a stranger, in an elevator or a train compartment.

Choosing neutral, classic colors such as black and brown means that the owner may be more reserved and appear less approachable. Sometimes coming across as shy, these women are confident and are often down-to-earth.

However, it pays to remember that although the contents, style and color of your handbag may say a lot about you as a person, you should still accessorize your handbag with your outfit and body type. A purse can be used to play up or down your ensemble or create your own sense of style. A brightly colored, funky handbag does wonders for making you appear right on-trend and spices up classic wardrobe pieces such as the eternal little black dress or a crisp white shirt.

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